Gain access to tour proven programming delivered monthly.

Each month a new program is delivered to you. Our programs will help keep you accountable and doing the right things to train away from injuries and towards your best you.


Most people do not move well. Poor movement increases the risk of injury when they occur during sport, life or generic training programs.


AMPD’s movement-based training programs are body friendly and designed to reestablish proper movement patterns. This approach increases longevity by improving mobility, stability and strength which leads to prime performance.

Who Do We Train?

At AMPD, it doesn’t matter if you are male, female, beginner, professional, junior, senior, golfer, tennis player, or just looking to move pain free – we have solutions for everyone! This is because we focus on bio-mechanics and achieving functional movement, which is the foundation for optimizing performance in any sport as well as reducing discomfort in everyday life.