Group workouts are a popular and more cost-effective training option for individuals who are looking to feel and play their best golf while feeding off of the Team AMPD Community. Each class is a pre-designed plan of the day.

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Stay Focused Working in Larger Groups

Each session is pre-designed to best meet the group’s needs. Depending on the athlete’s movement quality, specific progressions and regressions will be assigned to ensure each athlete gets the most out of each session.

Sessions are one hour long and have 4-12 athletes in the group. We are constantly assessing energy levels, stress levels and upcoming playing schedules to ensure that each session best meets the group’s needs.

AMPD Golf Fitness A-FORCE Training Gym Workout
group fitness training


  • AMPD Community™ access
  • Pre-Designed Programming
  • Injury Prevention
  • Swing Efficiency

Duration: 60 minutes
Athletes: 4-12 each session

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Train Like The Pros

AMPD Golf Performance is the World’s #1 Golf Performance Training company, using a scientific, data-driven approach to golf training.

We are now offering our training programs to the world with our AMPD Group Training right here in our training facility in Dallas, TX. Our programs are based on the exact same training that PGA Professional and AMPD Athlete Jordan Spieth used to win multiple PGA Majors.

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The AMPD Difference

AMPD Personalized Programming Online Training includes access to the following benefits & features:

On-site training sessions built to develop champions and progress a golfer over a lifetime of workouts that strategically build off one another.

All sessions at our  world-class training facility in Dallas, TX. Work through your programs, goals and requirements to fine-tune your training and meet your tournament schedule.

Leverage the AMPD scientific approach to training. All programs are designed and driven by data; regular goal tracking and progress analysis.

Unlimited access to the AMPD Community™ with over 300 specialized training videos featuring our partner products.

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AMPD training programs begin with an EDGE-Assess™ session. During this unique assesssment session at our AMPD Training Facility, our team will evaluate your current movement efficiency, range of motion and performance, allowing our coaches to customize a training program unique to your specific needs, to give you the edge you need in your game.

$200 one-time session fee
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