After a couple of frustrating years of poor golf and starting to feel muscle aches, joint pain and overall stiffness in my over 50 body as well as watching my handicap go from a 6 to a 15, I made a decision to join the online training program at AMPD Golf.  It has turned out to the best decision that I could have made.

I have been working online with Damon, Andrew, and the Team AMPD Golf program for almost 7 months and the physical conditioning has left me looking and feeling better than I have in years both on and off the course.  I have improved my overall strength, core strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability along with the bonus of losing 20lbs.

The online training program created by AMPD Golf has been great. The instruction and exercise video demonstrations were just like having a personal trainer go thru the drills and exercises with me. Damon, Andrew, and AMPD Golf were always just an email away to answer any questions about the program. They also willingly worked with me to adjust the program or suggest alternate exercises to compensate for my knee and lower back problems.

I would highly recommend this program to any golfer – beginner or advanced player. It not only accelerates your golf game, it is easy, fun and leads to better overall health. You can always buy new clubs; you only get one body, take care of it with AMPD Golf.  Like their motto states:  I feel better and am ready to play better – I am ready to unleash my swing!

Steve Lovasik

Farmington Hills, Michigan