“Where to begin…AMPD is an all around incredible facility. It is so much more than a gym. Not only will the knowledgable and personable staff help you safely achieve your goals, they will become a part of your team.

The unique gym setting has a great sense of community. The trainers and other athletes relationships go beyond the training floor.

The success of AMPD athletes is astonishing- from athletes earning their PGA tour card to athletes being able to play 18 holes of golf pain free- no matter what level you compete, AMPD will help your game.”
Kate B

“You simply can’t beat this workout team. 5 trainers that work together to help their clients achieve their goals, 5 trainers that are driven, passionate, hard working, and immensely qualified. It’s not about how much you can lift, it’s about making you functionally stronger and working on your own weaknesses. So happy to be part of this.”
Joanna K

“Whoa. I can’t believe I’m the first review of this place!
Melinda T

BIG note – just because it says Golf Fitness, it doesn’t mean you have to be a golfer or anything to take a class here. I was initially hesitant when I signed up on it through Class Pass. Also, it may be a little hard to find, but it’s next to the swing shop.

More recently, I have scaled back my Class Pass membership to only 5 classes a month. Right after that, I found myself back in Dallas for 4 days. 3 out of those 4 days, I went to see Dianne (the trainer I have worked with from the beginning), and I do not mind having spent 3 of my 5 classes of the month at AMPD in a span of a week.

The workouts are challenging – you will be sweating.

The staff is friendly and helpful – Dianne’s a friend in the few short months I’ve known her. The other guys there are also friendly. You can tell that they’re happy to be there and enjoy working with each other.

Overall, I’m really happy that I didn’t cancel my first class. :)”


“Dakota has been my trainer for over 2 years; I followed him from his previous business to AMPD. The facility is very nice and clean. It is closely associated with a PT group. I would highly recommend Dakota for your personal training needs. He has a lot of experience with physical therapy patients (I have had issues with my knee post-surgery) and he has gotten my strength, mobility, and back to running over the course of my time with him. He is very knowledgeable about sports injuries and proper form. He has great communication and professionalism and perfect bedside manner. You won’t be disappointed!”
Anna H

“I started working with AMPD Performance in April and have already seen results. My golf game has improved and I’ve become stronger, more flexible and overall just in better physical shape. I receive my weekly program on the AMPD App, which allows me to do my workouts when I’m on the road. Their new facility in Scottsdale looks amazing and I recommend everyone to go in for an assessment!”
Mathias Schjoelberg


“If you are in need of personalized training for performance longevity, this is the place to be. Each workout is tailored to your needs and wants. From corrective exercise to sports performance, the trainers are there to help you be your best you.”
Akwugo Akagha

“One of the best resources that has improved my son’s golf game! Amazing, enthusiastic and dedicated staff!”
Kristen Keiser Sinnes

“If you want to move better, feel better and play better Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Football be a better Runner, Swimmer, Cyclist of just live better… you should Train here.
This is a Human Performance Center”
Robbin Lorenz

“The finest resource in the DFW Metroplex for Everyday & Athletic performance activities!
“Now You Know !”
Delano Rosedale

“Great staff and very knowledgable at their craft.”
Erik Hernandez

“Highest quality golf fitness in Dallas, TX”
Brett Cohen