How strong is your base? It’s a question you probably don’t think about often enough as a golfer, but having a strong base can reduce the likelihood of you injuring your knee. When we talk about your base, we mean your ankle, your foot, your arches, and your toes. All of these parts contribute in different ways to the stability of your swing. If any one of these areas is not providing proper mobility and or stability, you are at a higher risk for knee pain.

At AMPD Golf Fitness, we take a global approach in understanding the role that each joint plays in the body and how they interrelate. Certain joints in your body are designed to be mobile and turn, while others are designed to give you support through stability. From head to toe your joints alternate mobile, stable, mobile, stable, etc. For example, your hips are a mobile joint, your knees are stable, and your ankles are designed to be mobile. If you do not align your base accordingly, you will cause joints to work ineffectively. For instance, if your ankle is not mobile, the joint above it (your knee) will try to compensate; however, your knee is designed to be stable and that’s where knee injuries can occur.

How do you know if your base is not moving properly? You can tell by going through the motions of your swing slowly. A great way to see exactly where the mobility issues arise is by taking off your shoes and getting someone to observe your body as you move through your swing. You can also feel the motion of your body. Pay attention to every detail: are your toes flat against the ground? Are your ankles supporting your weight and moving appropriately? Do you feel force working against your knee?

While not the only cause of an unstable base, your toes play a major role in providing you support. Your foot should support your weight evenly, from your heel to your toes. Your toes should also be flat against the ground. Curling your toes causes a chain reaction of improper form up your body, increasing your risk of injury.

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