Casting results in a loss of distance and a decrease in accuracy, two attributes golfers value above nearly everything else. It makes sense, then, why casting is one of the major swing characteristics that golfers work hard to correct. For today’s post, we are going to explain what is casting, what causes casting, and how to correct this common issue to help you gain that distance and to hit the ball more accurately.

You might have heard people refer to casting as “early release.” However you have heard it called, casting is caused during the downswing, often because the wrists are released early. This will result in a few different outcomes that many of us are all too familiar with: a steep divot before the ball or topping the ball. Topping the ball is usually the result of raising your body out of its proper stance in order to compensate for your swing bottoming out too early and striking the ground. Regardless of what causes you to cast during your downswing, the result is the same: lack of accuracy and a loss of distance.

One of the first things we would recommend when examining your swing is to check your wrist’s range of motion. Since we know that early release is usually a result of  your wrists releasing too early in your that is one of the first things we check. If your wrist’s range of motion is not the problem, then check your body. Oftentimes golfers overly rely on their arms to provide power when in reality the power of the golf swing comes primarily through the rotation of your body. When golfers try to swing with their arms instead of their body, they typically break their wrists early, causing a fat shot or a skulled shot. Relying on your arms instead of your core for rotation can indicate a few things: a lack of separation of lower body from upper body or just a simple misconception of how to sequence your movements into the downswing.

If you are casting the golf club during your swing, slow down your swing and examine when your wrists release. Try to focus on rotational power instead of swinging the club with your arms. If you do not feel like you are not generating adequate power through your body rotation, it’s time to contact Team AMPD. Our experts at AMPD Golf Fitness can help you identify the muscle groups you need to strengthen in order to unleash your swing and prevent casting. You can also make use of our online training program to improve your swing on your own time. Whatever you decide, join Team AMPD today and prevent casting!