Play Better plans

Our PLAY BETTER Plans are for golfers who suffer from common swing flaws. What you may not realize is that poor technique is typically caused by curable restrictions within your body! Each 4 week program is hand crafted by Top-50 Golf Fitness Professional Damon Goddard, and is designed to cure specific movement inefficiencies, allowing you to make a more efficient golf swing with less restrictions.

Improve your “c” Posture

Improve your “s” Posture

Improve your downswing

Increase Your Turn

Fix Your Slice

More Coming Soon!


AMPD Performance is the World’s #1 Performance Training company, using a scientific, data-driven approach to golf training.

We are now offering our training programs to the world with our AMPD Personalized Training right here in our training facility in Dallas, TX. Our programs are based on the exact same training that PGA Professional and AMPD Athlete Jordan Spieth used to win multiple PGA Majors.