Our team at AMPD Golf Fitness asks everyone who walks through our doors one simple and important question: why are you here? The question of why is the most important one that we can ask. Why did you come to AMPD Golf Fitness? What do you hope to get out of working with our trainers? If we can understand the why you have decided to work with our team, we can get the most out of our time together.

Beyond the question of why you came to AMPD Golf Fitness, we also want to understand why you play golf. This question is almost just as important, as it allows us to customize your program to best suit your needs. If you play golf to relax on the weekends, you will have a very different experience working with our team than someone interested in eventually competing on the professional circuit. However, both golfers in our eyes deserve an equal amount of respect and attention. We treat everyone who decides to work with our team as our most important client. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to play pain free golf during your retirement or if you are a rising star on the competitive scene; what matters most is that we understand why you are working with AMPD so we can create a fitness plan that makes the most sense for you.

After we understand the “why,” we look to assess your swing. This is a three part process. We conduct both a movement efficiency, range of motion assessment, as well as evaluate your readiness and recovery. Our core belief is that strong, healthy muscles will lead to a better swing and reduce your risk of injury. Once we have a benchmark through our range of motion assessment, we can decide what exactly we need to work with you. Of course, this assessment is only part of the initial assessment; we also discuss your readiness and recovery. We look at how much sleep you are getting, your nutrition, what kind of foam rolling you do, and much more. Creating proper fitness plans is only part of the equation. If you do not also have a healthy diet and proper recovery, you will not see the kind of results we are aiming for.

Because we understand that our golfers have varying schedules, we have created both online training courses and in-person training sessions. Online training is perfect for the golfer on the go, as you can message our team of professionals whenever and receive a quick reply. You can also schedule workouts to remind you of what you need to do when you need to do it. Our private training, on the other hand, offers one-on-one coaching. We start by assessing your movement using our two tests: the Movement Efficiency and Range of Motion tests. This allows us to create a personalized plan to help you get more out of your golf game.

Regardless of what you decide is best for you, you can count on Team AMPD to deliver a program that will help you unleash your swing, play pain-free golf, and reduce your chance of getting injured. If you are ready to start working with our team, contact us and get started!