Do you remember the very first time you picked up a golf club? We’re sure that your first swing is very different from how you swing the golf club today. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid golfer or a casual player, your golf swing is constantly changing—and we hope always for the better! However, sometimes when you are practicing your golf swing, you might feel lost on how to improve your swing. Practicing, especially on your own, can feel like taking a shot in the dark (or perhaps more aptly a swing in the dark). What is the secret to practicing your golf swing?

Good golf practice comes down to three things: good memory, a willingness to learn, and a readiness for repetition.

The first part—a good memory—might seem deceptively simple. Yet it is easy to forget certain nuances or to keep in mind past lessons. One of the hardest parts of golf for beginners is to keep track of previous tips or misremember past lessons as they gain new information. Part of this problem will be solved with muscle memory (more on this soon), but you must also pay close attention when you are learning. We would recommend taking detailed notes as you receive instruction, as well as request to have your practice sessions filmed. This is true of both swing practice and weight training. In reviewing your notes, you might catch something you missed and increase the efficiency of your session.

Next, a healthy willingness to learn is imperative to a good practice session. Keeping an open mind and being mindful of the task at hand allows you to catch errors and refine your form. If you approach a practice session with a closed mind, you are more likely to reinforce bad habits. Another aspect of an open minded approach to self-improvement is receptiveness to instruction. We all have something we can improve. Finding the right experts and listening to their advice is the only way to improve. For example, if you are struggling with fitness, our team can help you pinpoint exactly what you need to work on.

Finally, your body has to be ready for repetition. Muscle memory is a powerful tool for athletes that can only be refined by repetition. However, you are not going to create muscle memory in just one training session. It takes multiple outings to engrain actions until they become second nature. Practicing the proper technique is the only way to truly internalize the physical action.

Practice makes perfect, but practicing better makes you even more perfect. Practice the right way, maximize your time, and reap the benefits with a better golf game.