One of golf’s most exciting events is taking place soon: The Masters. Last year, Jordan Spieth tied Tiger Wood’s impressive record (-18) and took home the green jacket, and this year is sure to be filled with plenty of excitement. Wouldn’t it be awesome to go behind the scenes and know what Jordan Spieth is doing to prepare his body prior to each round? AMPD Golf Fitness is proud to help athletes of all levels prepare for their round, including Jordan Spieth. Our team has helped golfers from the junior ranks all the way up to the pros unleash their swing.

The importance of warming up before a round of golf cannot be overstated. Warming up for golf is similar to most other sports. The warm up begins 30 to 45 minutes prior to stepping onto the practice tee and begins with self-myofascial release techniques, also known as foam rolling. Next we focus on a dynamic stretching routine that addresses all planes of motion. Then we use muscle activations to turn on the muscles. Finally, we use integrated movement patterns and basic power moves to complete the warm up. This process sets the athlete up for success.

Warming up before a round of golf helps your body prepare for the rigors of your swing. The amount of force and stress put on your body means that your body becomes more susceptible to injury without a proper warm up. Our on-course warm up helps you prepare like no other program. Now you can set yourself up for success with a tour proven on-course warm up routine so your time on the practice tee can be focused on developing a feel for that specific round.

If you’re ready to warm up like a Masters champion or for the Masters, it’s time to contact AMPD Golf Fitness. Our team helps you unleash your swing and reduce your risk of injury. It doesn’t matter what level of golf you compete at: whether you’re a junior competing for a college scholarship or a professional competing for one of the most prestigious titles. Once you purchase the “On-Course Warm Up,” you can view the warm up program on the go using any smart device.  If you’re not sure exactly how to get started, you can pull out your phone and review.