What would you say if I told you your head could effectively weigh anywhere from 12 to 42 pounds depending on your posture? Considering adult heads are relatively similar in size, a 30 pound difference is astronomically high; however, this is very common. Imagine holding a 12 pound weight directly overhead; now take that 12 pound weight and hold it overhead but slightly in front of you. Your balance is thrown off, stress is being distributed all down the back side of your body to compensate for the uneven weight distribution. This is exactly what happens when your posture begins to lose form. Forward head posture not only negatively impacts your balance, it also restricts your ability to turn freely in your golf swing.

Poor posture typically occurs because of our lack of awareness while in a seated position. Considering that we live in a world where we sit at our desks throughout schooling, sit in our vehicles when going from place to place, there is a lot of time spent in a position that tends to build a culture of poor posture. The longer you wait to address your poor posture, the longer it will take to restore it. Do not let your lack of awareness be the reason you suffer from upper cross syndrome and lack of freedom in your golf swing.


  1. Stand with your backside against a wall.
  2. Your shoulders, glutes and heels should all be touching the wall.
  3. Keep your eyes looking on the horizon while driving the backside of your head into the wall.
  4. Hold for a 2 second count; then repeat the motion for 12 repetitions.

This simple exercise is designed to bring awareness to better posture and to re-educate muscles to do their job. If you do this simple exercise a couple times a day, you will be more aware of better posture and shed some of those stressful pounds that come from forward head posture.