We hear it all the time, “I wanna be number one.” Many of the athletes we work with have that goal in their vision. As performance coaches we embrace it, set realistic expectations and tell them what it will take. There are golfers who get by and those who set the bar higher and higher. Those who push the limits, prepare better, move better, recover better and think better.

Proper preparation goes way beyond the warmup prior to a golf round. Preparation begins with a team approach. Building a team around you that believes in the process and the athlete’s why is vital. The team can include a swing coach, performance coach, mental coach and sports medicine team. An athlete surrounded by a team that understands the athlete’s why will produce unfathomable results.

Their are many approaches and theories on how golfers should train. The golf swing is a violent motion that is repeated one way over and over again. Moving efficiently is priority number one when it comes to building an athlete. Movement efficiency reduces the risk of injury and optimizes performance. Unfortunately, we see golfers getting injured time after time on tour any many of those injuries ruin careers. Many of those overuse injuries could have been avoided if the athlete was focused on moving efficiently. Once movement efficiency is optimal, then it is time to focus on adding strength and power incrementally.

The most underrated if not forgotten piece to the puzzle is recovery. Athletes spend many hours honing their skills, working with their coaches and putting in work on the training floor but place minimal focus on recovery. Proper recovery consists of refuel, rest and restore. What you are putting in your body is what fuels the machine. The golf season is long and demanding with lots of travel. Eating and drinking right will keep the machine running on all cylinders. Rest is huge in terms of performing your best. Restore consists of myofascial release techniques, compression and cryotheropy to name a few. With all these pieces to the puzzle added to an athletes process, they now have a chance to optimize their abilities.

Last but not least, the ability to out think your opponents. There are many talented golfers in the world that we never hear about because they simply cannot compete at a high level when the pressure pours on. Not every athlete needs a mental coach, however, we can all think better and there are coaches that can help us practice the way we think through situations.

Build your team and build it wisely. They must understand your why. If you want to be the best in the world, you must understand what it is gonna take. Now you have the platform for success, get to it!