Injuries happen, but what’s worse for some golfers is the waiting period after an injury before you can get back to the course. At AMPD Golf Fitness, we understand that you are probably anxious to get back into form after a shoulder, back or other kind of injury. However, it is absolutely paramount that you recover fully from an injury before returning to golf. If your injury has not fully healed, you risk re-aggravating the injury or even making the original injury worse.

The most common injuries golfers will face are back and shoulder injuries due to the nature of a golf swing and the strain it puts on these muscle groups. Fortunately, many of these injuries will naturally feel better after a few days or a few weeks rest, depending on the severity of the injury. However, do not be fooled, rest might help you feel better but it is important to take the proper steps to ensure the injury will not occur again because of poor movement patterns by focusing on corrective exercise to build a solid foundation. Unfortunately, many golfers rush back from injury, which can lead to much worse injuries such as disc injuries.

For back strains, the best way to treat the pain is to apply heat and ice, alternating to help soothe the muscle. Over the counter pain medication like ibuprofen can also help. Do not attempt to play more golf for a day or two or until the pain subsides, as using strained muscles can worsen the injury and lead to even more downtime. While your injury mends, refrain from weight lifting; however, you can do some basic foam rolling, stretching and muscle activations. However, do not overdo it. In general, it is not advised to stress already inflamed muscles.

Shoulder injuries are generally treated the same way as a back injury. Rest is almost always the best option. Apply heat and ice to the shoulder, use pain medication when necessary, and rest. Scheduling an appointment with your sports medicine group is always a good option before clearing yourself for activity. Once cleared, ease back into training with corrective exercise to restore proper function and to set yourself us for success long-term.

While there is not much you can do beyond rest and treatment from your sports medicine team to treat these injuries, you should consider preventative care to stop future injuries from happening. AMPD Golf Fitness can help with this. Our innovative golf fitness programs are designed to develop athletes that are segmentally graduated through in-depth phases of training to ensure long-term health. As your movement patterns improve, you gain increased stability during your swing, reducing the likelihood of synergistic dominance, which will add power to your swing.

If you are ready to play pain-free golf and reduce the likelihood of injury, contact AMPD Golf Fitness today and join Team AMPD. Our fitness experts can help you recover better as well as,help stop future injuries from ever happening!