With golf returning to the Olympics this year, it is easy to focus on the competition at the highest level of play. However, at AMPD Golf Fitness we devote just as much energy working with the next generation of golfing talent: student athletes. These athletes dedicate countless hours perfecting their talents, strengthening their muscles, and competing for the chance at breaking out on both the collegiate and the professional scene. More and more often, golfers that see success at the college level are emerging onto the professional scene, ready to make their presence known.

At AMPD Golf Fitness, we understand that as a college athlete, you want to do everything in your power to play the best golf of your life. Golfing is an extremely competitive sport, but it is also a chance to shine as an individual. The work you put in before you tee off can make all the difference in your next tournament. That’s why we love working with collegiate golfers, helping them reach their peak performance and pushing them to unleash their swing.

Depending on the level of involvement you want AMPD Golf Fitness to take in your training schedule, we can meet privately or you can take advantage of our online training program. The online training program is an ideal choice for athletes around the country and world, allowing you to target the muscles that you need to improve the biomechanics of your swing. Since you are already competing at the highest level of amateur golf, this might be all that you need: targeting the muscles that will give you the mobility and strength to hit the ball both farther and more accurately.

However, we also offer private training for student athletes that are interested in more personalized training. We begin our work with every athlete by conducting two assessment tests that evaluate your movement. We look at both your movement efficiency as well as your range of motion. From this information, we create a personalized fitness program that is designed to help you optimize your performance. Our program also reduces your risk of injury, which is essential as you look forward to the future; too often we see golfers injure themselves and, consequently, hurt their golfing potential. The personalized training programs are the same we utilize with professional Tour golfers, including Jordan Spieth.

If you are a student athlete looking to compete at the college level—or if you are preparing for your college career—contact AMPD Golf Fitness today. Our team is ready to help you unleash your swing and play your best golf yet.