We continue our new series of blog posts on how AMPD Golf Fitness can help golfers of all types. This time, we are focusing on avid golfers: individuals who enjoy playing golf on a regular basis. These golfers might not be professionals, but they may participate in some local tournaments for fun—and see how they stack up against the competition.

An avid golfer plays regularly. Every weekend, they head to the course with their regular scramble, or maybe they will be paired with perfect strangers. It doesn’t matter as long as they are out on the course. An avid golfer might even play a quick 9 holes after work. Unfortunately, all that golf has begun to take a toll on your body. Perhaps your shoulder has started to hurt, or your lower back smarts around the turn. As far as your actual game goes, you are happy with your accuracy and power but realize that it could be better. You always want to improve your golf game, but you’re not exactly sure where to go from here.

We love working with avid golfers. They are passionate about the game and are eager to learn. For some of them, they have never worked with golf fitness experts or have only received a little bit of training. Our program can help fuel your passion and increase your performance. We do this by assessing your current situation. For some avid golfers, they may have developed swing characteristics that, while they work for them, are inefficient and reduce either accuracy or power. After assessing your current situation, we will develop a plan just for you.

Our fitness program is designed to help improve the biomechanics of your swing. By strengthening the appropriate muscle groupings, you gain both accuracy and power. Furthermore, working on the right muscles improves your stability, which ultimately reduces your likelihood of injury. As an avid golfer, injuries are the last thing you want, as they both limit your enjoyment of the game and your overall golf career.

Ultimately, that’s our goal: we want you to continue enjoying the game you love and satisfy your desire to be the best you can be. You might not be competing against the best in the word, but you are competing against yourself, and sometimes that’s the most difficult competition around. Beat your best and set your standard of great golf higher. Join Team AMPD today!