ground force reaction

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We’ve all heard Sir Issac Newton’s third law of motion at some point in our lives, but how does it relate to making you a better golfer? Newton’s third law of motion tells us that using the legs to drive force into the ground during a golfer’s downswing, results in the ground pushing back up into the golfer’s body with an equal amount of force.

This energy, known as Ground Force Reaction, if utilized correctly, is transferred in this sequence:

  1. From the legs into the torso.
  2. From the torso to the arms.
  3. From the arms to the golf club.
  4. From the club to the golf ball.

Ground Force Reaction

An efficient golfer’s backswing starts with the club moving, then the arms follow, the torso rotates next, and finally the hips rotate back. In the downswing the hips rotate first, followed by the torso, then the arms follow, and finally the club moves. This order of sequencing in the golf swing is known as the kinematic sequence. In order to utilize ground force reaction with the most efficiency, it is essential for a golfer to follow the correct kinematic sequence. While no two golfers have the same swing or body type one thing is clear. If you want to hit the golf ball a long way you need to follow the kinematic sequence, so you can use the ground.

The best way to generate club head speed isn’t by pushing the golf club, but rather pushing your legs into the ground. If you look at any top-level tour pro who hits the golf ball a long way, they have a little squat motion at the top of their back swing, they then push into the ground with their legs throughout the downswing to rotate their hips as fast as possible. By pushing into the ground, they are recruiting the ground to transfer energy through the proper swing sequence and increase club head and ultimately ball speed. If you aren’t pushing into the ground to use Ground Force Reaction you won’t be getting the most distance out of each golf shot. Take advantage of AMPD’s UNLEASH “Power Up from the Ground Up” Plan to better utilize the ground in your game.

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