Many golfers experience wrist pain at some point in their career. Understanding why the pain is present and how important it is to address the pain quickly is crucial to avoiding long-term injuries. Your wrists play a major role in the golf swing. If there is any hesitation or manipulation through the impact zone with your wrists, your ball flights will be inconsistent. In this article we will address common movement inefficiencies that can lead to wrist pain along with common swing characteristics.

First it is important to understand the way your body should function to limit the occurrence of overuse wrist injuries related to golf. Most golfers would think that wrist pain starts at the wrist itself; however, the pain is usually present because of dysfunction in the shoulder. Often times there is limited range of motion in the shoulder or stability. If the shoulder is not functioning properly, the surrounding joints will work overtime to make up for the shoulder. This is where the problem begins. Now after rounds and rounds of golf, the wrist pain will eventually arise.

Poor golf swing mechanics can also lead to overuse injuries in the wrists. Chicken winging and or scooping the ball at impact will take a toll on your wrists. In both of those swing characteristics the wrists are much more active than they should be in the impact zone. Therefore, after thousands of golf swings the wrists will alert you and say that something is wrong. Pay attention to the signals your body is sending you or the wrist pain can lead to much more long-term issues.

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