We wanted to start a new series of blog posts detailing exactly how we can help different groups of golfers. From students preparing to break onto the professional scene, to weekend warriors that simply want to play pain free golf. Our first spotlight takes a look at how AMPD Golf Fitness can help one of the most avid groups of golfers: retirees.

Regardless if you recently started playing golf or have been playing all your life, you will have plenty of time to perfect your game during your retirement. Golf is the quintessential retirement sport, after all: beautiful vistas of well-manicured golf courses, a good challenge, and a relaxed pace. Golfing brings people around the world to interesting locations and creates unforgettable experiences.

Of course, sometimes the physical rigors of playing golf can add up and make it an uncomfortable experience for retirees. Fortunately, AMPD Golf Fitness can help you get the most out of your golden years and have you enjoying every round of golf. Even better, our fitness programs can be enjoyed on the go thanks to our online training program.

You might think that a golf fitness group only benefits professionals or those individuals playing at the highest level of the sport, but you couldn’t be further from the truth! Our mission at AMPD Golf Fitness has always been to help everyone play the best golf of their lives and unleash their swing. It does not matter what your age, skill level, or experience.

For a retiree, we would start much the same way we would help anyone: by evaluating the golfer through our three part evaluation process which tests your range of motion, movement efficiency, and recovery process. After we get a performance summary, we will design a plan that’s right for you and to accomplish the goals you want. Most commonly, we see retirees say that they want to play pain-free golf for as long as possible; however, we want to create a plan that meets your needs.

We take a preventative care approach to golf and can provide you with the best golf exercises for seniors. In order to prevent you from getting injured, we strengthen the muscles you need for your golf swing. While we might change some of the workouts to suit your specific needs, we have innovative ways that you can make your swing more powerful and less likely to cause an injury. If you are ready to play the best golf of your life during the best part of your life, contact AMPD Golf Fitness today and keep enjoying the sport that you love so much.