EDGE-Assess™ is our proprietary athlete assessment protocol. Each and every fitness program begins with a personal EDGE-Assess™ session at our AMPD Training Facility in Dallas, TX, where our coaches run a rigorous assessment of the athlete.

Individualized Programming

EDGE-Assess™ identifies key areas of performance gain opportunities, unique to each athlete. This process allows our coaches to develop an entirely personal customized training program specific to your needs and goals.

Cutting Edge Analysis

Our proprietary EDGE-Assess™ protocol utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze each athlete’s entire game potential. Range of motion, swing biomechanics, hip strength and mobility, balance, injury analysis and flexibility. AMPD Golf Performance is a data-driven training facility first.

The Difference

“Our mission is to provide golfers with world class knowledge and resources to aid in reducing the risk of injury, optimizing performance and increasing the longevity of each individual’s playing career.”
– Andrew Cummings, AMPD Director of Collegiate Consulting.

With over 30 years of combined experience, see how AMPD Golf Performance can take your golf training program far past the level of expectancy, setting the bar for your level of play; nearly out of reach.

Golf Specific Approach

AMPD Strength & mobility programs are developed using golf specific BioMechanics.

ROM Development

Increased Range of Motion, greater flexibility, improved sequencing. AMPD programs are designed to keep you playing longer.

Trackable Performance

AMPD uses state-of-the-art wearables and tracking devices to measure your progress; the data is used to fine-tune your programming session by session.

Strength & Symmetry

Injury prevention, increased balance and control, improved Swing BioMechanics. AMPD programs help you play longer, feel stronger and improve performance. Unleash Your Swing.