Corporate Training

At AMPD we use movement as medicine. We deliver movement-based training methods to improve the way you move and enhance the way you feel and live.

This allows our team to craft an individualized plan to meet every athlete’s specific needs while ensuring better MOVEMENT and PERFORMANCE towards any goal. Our functional training techniques will allow athletes of all abilities to reach their peak performance in any sport, as well as become more active in everyday life.

Private Training:


Personalized Training is an excellent option for clients who prefer individualized programming. This setting helps elicit greater responses, promotes healthy competition and adds an extra layer of accountability. Every training session is customized based on each athlete’s Personalized Assessment, goals, and how they are feeling that day. This unified approach produces RESULTS.

Semi-Private Training:

3-5 per Trainer

Enjoy the motivation and inspiration of a team environment, with the personalized nature of individual training. Every one-hour session is built using our training techniques refined over the year working with elite athletes and will help individuals achieve optimal mobility, stability, and strength.

Group Training:

Group of 6+

Our classes are designed to enhance posture, burn calories and amplify performance for sport and life. Each class is delivered through our movement-based training methods in a high-energy and dynamic environment. We look to improve the way you move to help you feel better and live better.

Mobile App

The mobile app gives each employee a personal trainer in their pocket.

What if you had a CUSTOM PROGRAM designed specifically for YOU based off of YOUR MOVEMENT NEEDS with YOUR gym’s equipment taken into account? With the AMPD Mobile App this is all possible! We have the ability to assess employees movement and deliver custom programming with our mobile app. We will also make sure the programs take into account the equipment provided in the on-site training facilities.

Getting results is all about precise programming, accountability, and the right environment. With the AMPD Mobile App, all employees can use movement as medicine to achieve their best self.