functional core golf

The foundation of a golfers swing relies on a functional core. But what exactly does that mean? By understanding the framework of the core, we can determine how it influences the rest of the body and the vital role it plays in creating a better golf swing.

The Core

Many people misinterpret the term “core” for just the abdominal muscles and tend to ignore the other key musculoskeletal structures it consists of. This complex chain of muscles and tissues, referred to as the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex (LPHC), makes up the core. Neglecting these aspects of the LPHC can create imbalances throughout the entire body that lead to dysfunctions such as: instability, immobility, weakness, pain, and potential injuries.

A golfers ability to stabilize their spine dictates their posture at setup and through each phase of the swing. Altered core stability may result in compromised rotational movement such as a sway or slide. These inefficient movement patterns rob the swing of speed and power due to the upper bodies inability to accelerate around the lower body during the downswing. This weakness at the core can lead to other compensations throughout the body and keep you from reaching your full potential on and off the course.

At AMPD, we design our programs based off identifying and correcting inefficient movement patterns specific to each clients’ needs. Focusing on functionality of the core could push you closer towards feeling better and playing better to ultimately unleashing your swing. Learn more about how AMPD can start helping.

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