AMPD CONSULTING is designed for the athletes who are looking for a personalized golf exercise program and are unable to train with us in-person consistently or live outside of the DFW Metroplex.

Data-Driven Performance

Each athlete will begin with an Edge-Assess™ session.

After the testing is completed, a designated AMPD coach will review the test result findings with the athlete and with any member of your team (Swing Coach, Sports Medicine Doctor, Mental Coach). Next, the athlete is taken through an hour long session based off of the assessment results. This session helps give the coach the opportunity to see how the athlete responds to the designed golf exercise program and helps to ensure the athlete is ready to perform the movements while following their assigned program off-site.


All AMPD-To-Go™ programs are designed to best meet the individual’s needs no matter where you live or what level you compete at. Each month we re-test and re-program to help you feel and play your best golf.

  • Personalized Programming
  • Pre-Round Warm Up Routine
  • Injury Prevention
  • Swing Efficiency
  • Athlete Accountability
  • Designated AMPD Coach
  • Remote Consulting