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How AMPD Golf Fitness Can Help: Avid Golfers

We continue our new series of blog posts on how AMPD Golf Fitness can help golfers of all types. This time, we are focusing on avid golfers: individuals who enjoy playing golf on a regular basis. These golfers might not be professionals, but they may participate in...

What to do in the Golf Off-Season

While we are fortunate to be in Texas where golf can be enjoyed for much longer periods of times than elsewhere, golf does have an offseason. For some golfers, the off-season is a chance to stay in good condition and work on your game, but in all honesty, most of us...

Shoulder Stress: Why Golfers Need to Take Care of their Shoulders

Too often when we work with our clients, we find that their shoulder limits their ability to unleash their swing. We often find that our athletes with shoulder discomfort are unstable and/or have limited range of motion in their shoulders. Sometimes this is due to...

How AMPD Golf Fitness Can Help: Retirees

We wanted to start a new series of blog posts detailing exactly how we can help different groups of golfers. From students preparing to break onto the professional scene, to weekend warriors that simply want to play pain free golf. Our first spotlight takes a look at...

How to Recover from an Injury (And Get Back to Golf)

Injuries happen, but what’s worse for some golfers is the waiting period after an injury before you can get back to the course. At AMPD Golf Fitness, we understand that you are probably anxious to get back into form after a shoulder, back or other kind of injury....

AMPD Golf Fitness: Define Your Why

Our team at AMPD Golf Fitness asks everyone who walks through our doors one simple and important question: why are you here? The question of why is the most important one that we can ask. Why did you come to AMPD Golf Fitness? What do you hope to get out of working...

The Right Way to Use Foam Rollers for Golfers

Foam rollers are becoming a favorite tool for serious golfers of all skill levels. You may have seen foam rollers used more frequently, but if you have no clue how to use a foam roller or what the hype is all about, you might be left scratching your head. At AMPD Golf...

9th Hole Refuel: What to Eat on the Golf Course

Golf can be exhausting. With the summer heat beating down on golfers and the physical exertion, it’s not uncommon to feel like you hit a wall right around the halfway mark. If you find yourself consistently running out of steam, you might be facing a few problems. For...

AMPD Golf Fitness: Who We Are

AMPD Golf Fitness has helped professional golfers, amateurs, and golf enthusiasts enjoy their best golf yet by improving swing efficiency and reducing their risk of injury. We love golf and we love helping golfers get the most enjoyment out of their game. Over the...

PGA Championship: 100 Years of Excellence

The PGA Championship has been around for 100 years. From humble beginnings, the tournament has grown to be one of the most exciting events in professional golf. We look at the history of the event today.

The Open: A History of Glory

The Open takes place in July and promises to be an exciting event. We take a look back at the most dramatic moments in The Open’s history in preparation for one of golf’s best events.

The Five Best Moments in US Open History

The US Open is one of the most exciting moments in golf. Year after year, we get great storylines as the world’s best compete. Here are a few of our favorite moments from previous US Opens. 

Online Training Testimonial – Steve Lovasik

After a couple of frustrating years of poor golf and starting to feel muscle aches, joint pain and overall stiffness in my over 50 body as well as watching my handicap go from a 6 to a 15, I made a decision to join the online training program at AMPD Golf.  It has turned out to the best decision that I could have made.

Lower Back Pain: The Base of the Problem

About 1 in 3 golfers suffer from lower back pain, so what can you do to avoid this problem? The experts at AMPD Golf Fitness go over the most common injuries and what can be done to avoid them.

Fueling Your Fitness

Most people are either trying to lose weight, gain weight, eat to perform or just maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some basic guidelines that should help you reach your goals.

Grove Your Game Plan; S & C Posture

S & C Posture are two common swing characteristics that are defined at address in the golf swing. They are both a gateway to many other swing inefficiencies which is why getting into a well balanced and athletic set up is crucial for success. S Posture is defined as...