AMPD Perform

We find that most athletes spend the majority of their time in the PERFORM phase, bypassing the MOVE and ASSESS phases altogether, and find themselves training towards and injury instead of away from one. At AMPD, we make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Only after proper movement efficiency is restored do we begin to increase intensity with strength, power, and speed progressions. We understand that each of these progressions are sport specific, and accommodate our coaching strategies accordingly. For example, since golfers are rotational athletes, they would receive a different progression than a runner, who is a linear athlete. This tour-proven strategy allows our athletes to PERFORM at their highest level, whether that be in sports, or in life.

Key PERFORM Methods:

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Strength Training
  • Power Training
  • Speed Training


AMPD Golf Performance is the World’s #1 Golf Performance Training company, using a scientific, data-driven approach to golf training.

We are now offering our training programs to the world with our AMPD Personalized Training right here in our training facility in Dallas, TX. Our programs are based on the exact same training that PGA Professional and AMPD Athlete Jordan Spieth used to win multiple PGA Majors.