Personalized Training

Train away from injuries instead of towards them with our movement-based AMPD Training Protocols. Prepare your body for the physical demands of life and athletics, and get ready to achieve your highest goals.

 movement Assessment

We test MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY, RANGE OF MOTION and READINESS/RECOVERY, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to optimizing efficiency and producing RESULTS.


Upstream Wellness vs. Downstream Wellness. We use MODERN wellness systems to test, analyze, monitor and optimize your internal health PROACTIVELY, instead of REACTING to symptoms after the fact.


AMPD Performance is the World’s #1 Performance Training company, using a scientific, data-driven approach to golf training.

We are now offering our training programs to the world with our AMPD Personalized Training right here in our training facility in Dallas, TX. Our programs are based on the exact same training that PGA Professional and AMPD Athlete Jordan Spieth used to win multiple PGA Majors.