We aim to be the standard bearer in the golf-fitness industry through constant innovation in the way golfers pursue perfection through amplified movement, accelerated recovery, and advanced performance.


Every athlete who has found their way to AMPD Golf Performance possesses a desire to improve their quality of life and achieve their desiers for their chosen sport, whatever they may be. Within the AMPD system, our performance coaches challenge each athlete to identify and define their performance goals resulting in a comprehensive game plan being developed.


AMPD Golf Fitness was established by Damon Goddard and Andrew Banner in 2013 with one goal in mind – to become the standard bearer in the golf-fitness industry by constantly innovating the way golfers pursue perfection through amplified movement, advanced performance, and accelerated recovery.

After four years of producing champions at all levels of the game, and a passion to change the shape of golf-fitness worldwide, AMPD Golf Performance was founded. With a new name came a refined direction, a new location, and new partnerships to help achieve these goals. In 2018, AMPD Golf Performance entered into a relationship with Troon, the largest golf management company in the world, as their official golf-fitness provider, and began the process of expanding the AMPD brand to numerous courses around the country while providing online programming access to Troon members around the globe.

AMPD Golf Performance was born out of a passion for developing golf champions, and a mission to elevate the ceiling of all athletes, from novice to pro alike. AMPD’s tour-proven success is the result of strategic implementation of data, research, and technology all coming together to help our athletes FEEL BETTER, PLAY BETTER, and UNLEASH THEIR SWINGS.