The Internet was abuzz after commentators responded to Rory McIlroy’s workout routine. The PGA pro answered the criticism with a video of him doing a part of his routine.

The back and forth has prompted many professionals and observers to speculate on McIlroy’s workout routine. The danger, many are claiming, is that by weightlifting now, McIlroy will follow Tiger Woods’ career: an amazing start into a painful decline. Other commentators say that getting too bulky can impact a golfer’s swing in negative ways. Especially for many older professionals, golfers simply did not hit the gym the way the current generation of PGA Tour champions do.

What many don’t realize is that McIlroy’s stellar rise to stardom occurred after he hired trainer Steve McGregor, a Ph.D and fitness expert. McGregor advocated that McIlroy needed to build up his foundation to prepare his body for the demands of a long and healthy professional career. By focusing on adding more stability and strength, McIlroy’s body would be more durable and optimize his performance levels.

So is it bad to bulk up as a golfer? Should golfers be doing weight training and weightlifting? Many experts weigh in on this topic, and while there is no definite consensus yet, one thing is clear: in order to have a good golf swing, your body needs optimal mobility and stability. There is a point when the body becomes too bulky to be flexible, but that point is far away from even professional golfers; we’re talking more in the realm of Olympian weightlifters.

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