Often times we find ourselves making up excuses for why we do not have enough time or the right equipment to get in a good workout. It seems that the busier we get, them more challenging time management becomes. If you are focused on achieving your goals, you will find a way. As golf fitness professionals it is our job to set our athletes up for success. Therefore, we have designed a program that can be done anywhere with nothing more than your body as your equipment.

Crawling patterns are a great way to get in a good workout with limited space and equipment. The upside to crawling patterns is that there are unlimited variations and they address mobility and stability which is relative to any athlete. There are also endless progressions which make these optimal for athletes of all ages and skill levels.┬áDamon Goddard, Founder and CEO of AMPD Golf Fitness shot a video for Golf Digest’s Fitness Friday covering multiple crawling patterns variations for an on-the-go program. These movements are also great to add to your already existing program. Warning: crawling patterns are much more challenging than they look and are a great way to unleash your swing!

Watch the video by CLICKING HERE!